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The tea house in Soazza is a small structure built of stone and wood in which the event will be held. Guests will be invited to take a seat inside, where the tea will be prepared and served. (The tea house is small, only two guests may enter at a time.) Together, guests can choose one tea from a small selection of oolong, green and white teas.

The tea will be served in tea bowls made by Helga especially for this event. The flavour of tea develops with each infusion – guests will be offered a second infusion of the same tea (perhaps even a third, if time allows) to experience the subtle changes in the notes of the tea.

In this tea event, the preparation and serving of the tea follows East Asian tea ceremony practices – gongfu cha (Chinese tea ceremony), Japanese sencha tea preparation, and Korean tea ceremony. In these, regardless of the level of formality, two aspects are of particular importance: first and foremost is the appreciation of tea, but this is made possible by the second, which is creating the right atmosphere in which to enjoy the experience. The host shapes the setting through a thoughtful selection of tea and tea vessels (as well as other implements) to be used, and in the careful preparation of the tea. The guest follows the host’s lead, but also contributes by sharing their comments on the tea, the tea bowls, the tea house, the view… It is the considerate and positive exchange between all present that bring about an enjoyable tea drinking experience.

I am grateful to Helga for inviting me to be the host at her Soazza Tea House for this event, and I look forward to welcoming you to our tea gathering!

Natasha  Fischer-Vaidya
Nathasha Vaidya, lic. phil. I
Art historian at University of Zurich, East Asian Art History, Academic and Research Assistant – tea lover and connoisseur. June 2020.
Grew up in Hong Kong, studied in California, London and Zurich.

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